Fuck boys everywhere

Fuck off u piece of shit, your just like him. Let’s stop pretending. I’m attracted to selfish, unreliable, untrustworthy, unloyal guys who take advantage of my kindness and use me until they feel like they have to start putting in some effort and then it’s all of a sudden a different story. They are so kind and appreciate every time I pick them up, buy them food, alcohol, give them sex, but as soon as I ask for something, they are done, their gone, they somehow make me out to b a crazy awful person for wanting a little bit of respect, for wanting a little bit of what I give to them to get back in return. It’s
Almost as If I’m inconveniencing their life and they look at me and think, “how dare you think I’m gonna give you in return what you give to me.” Then it’s too much for them and their gone. That’s not fair. You know it, and I know it. So I don’t know who’s worse, me for being so pathetic and actually thinking this time could be different, or them, for taking advantage and then simply walking away once they feel like I need something back from them? Idk, but this pattern is disgusting and making me sick. The utter selfishness of some ppl, the utter coldness of their fucking hearts makes me trust no one. Bottom line, ppl suck, they will act so perfect when they want you, but once they get you, after that your nothing but another notch on their belt. They are all full of shit. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.